Civil Drain

Civil Drain is an innovative drainage channel system that provides numerous benefits over traditional grate and frame systems. 

The system was developed in conjunction with a construction company that was installing the product in service stations across NSW.  From the initial prototype, GDP took the feedback provided by the customer and made adjustments to the design to further improve the ease of installation, as well as increase productivity.  The end result provided significant savings to the customer in both labour time and associated costs.

Civil Drain has been used extensively by plumbers, civil contractors and building and construction companies to assist in installing trench grating for various site applications.  GDP supplies a range of longitudinal, transverse, perforated and wedge wire options to suit.

Channels are available in various configurations.

Benefits include:

  • Little or no formwork is required depending on the setup required
  • Materials alone provide cost savings compared to traditional systems
  • Reduced time in setting up formwork
  • Reduced costs in constructing and/or setting up formwork
  • Can be placed into or onto a concrete footing
  • Can be poured to the required depth by lowering the channel into the footings, until the desired overall depth is achieved
  • Channels are supplied with lockdown hot dipped galvanized grates
  • Channels are designed to suit grates which are rated to Australian Standards
  • Light weight channel assists in installation