Civil Grates

Standard and tailored civil grate options, GDP has been supplying the market for close to 20 years with a reputable suite of products which are consistently raising the standard.

GDP’s range of Gully (Landcom) grates is used extensively by civil contractors, local government and precast manufacturers for their consistency in providing a quality and reliable product.  There are numerous configurations which meet Class B and Class D load ratings as per AS3996, with a skirted version also available.

Vee Grates (or V-grates) have been manufactured and tested to meet AS3996 and are ideal for vee drains, as well as dished crossings.  The Vee Grate is also lockable and bicycle friendly.

The range of GDP Surcharge grates (also known as letterbox grates and raised grates) is available in either a bolt-on-leg or fixed leg style.  An optional trash rack bar is available to reduce the risk of larger waste items entering the pit or trash baskets.  GDP surcharge grates can be retrofitted to both precast and cast in situ stormwater pits.

GDP also manufactures custom solutions in addition to our standard product offering to suit different project requirements.

Product Offering

Local Government Roads and Subdivisions
Part Number Description Class Rating
GGSRHS55 1035 x 450 x 55 Load Bars Class B
GG65 1035 x 450 x 65 Load Bars Class B
GGSRHS65D 1035 x 450 Load Bars Class D
GGSRHS65SKD 1035 x 450 Load Bars – Skirted Class D
RMS (Roads and Maritime Services)
RMS SA Large Style Gully Grate Part Number Description Class Rating
RTA-SA-SMALL 1040 x 435 Load Bars
– RMS Dwg. R0220-01
Class D
RTA-SA-LARGE 1040 x 593 Load Bars
– RMS Dwg. R0220-01
Class D
RTA-SE 734 x 540 Load Bars
– RMS Dwg. R0220-01
Class D