Civil Products

GDP supply a number of civil products to civil contractors, building and construction companies, plumbers and councils.  GDP can supply everything from pits and risers to grates, ductile iron covers (with or without concrete encasement), trash screens, trash baskets and more.

GDP understand that every project is different and when a standard off the shelf product is not suitable, this is where GDP utilise their years of experience to assist in providing a customised solution that fulfills the need of the project.  Our team have worked extensively with customers in the past to develop, fabricate and supply an end solution that meets the project scope (e.g. load rating, visual finish, application, features etc…).

In addition to our range of precast and polymer pits and risers and grates, we also have a range of accessories which include orifice plates, arch bars for manufacturers and insitu lintels, step irons, trash baskets, trash screens and more.  Many of these products can be tailored to your specific requirements as well.

GDP’s range of products is constantly growing.  Please contact our team if there are products you are searching for which are not listed on our website.