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Concrete Pits and Risers

GDP has a range of precast concrete pits that meet AS3600, AS3996 and AS/NZS4671.  Precast concrete pits provide numerous benefits compared to cast-in-situ, by way of reducing labour costs and construction time on-site.

Our precast concrete pits feature foot anchors for safe handling, knockout church doors and a series of risers to achieve the desired reduced level. We can supply our pits with an expansive range of grate options.

If you have a large project requiring multiple pits, grates and other products, please contact our estimating team.  Details can be found on our Contact Us page.

Concrete Pits are commonly used as stormwater drainage solutions, but are also used in the following:

  • Mining works
  • Local Government Works
  • Junction Pits
  • Car park drainage

Product Offering

Precast Concrete PitPart NumberPit BaseClass RatingRiser Option(s)
CPB444450mm x 450mm x 450mmClass D150mm / 300mm
CPB446450mm x 450mm x 600mmClass D150mm / 300mm
CPB666600mm x 600mm x 600mmClass D150mm / 300mm / 600mm
CPB669600mm x 600mm x 900mmClass D150mm / 300mm / 600mm
CPB696900mm x 600mm x 600mmClass D150mm / 300mm / 600mm
CPB699900mm x 600mm x 900mmClass D150mm / 300mm / 600mm
CPB996900mm x 900mm x 600mmClass D150mm / 300mm / 600mm
CPB999900mm x 900mm x 900mmClass D150mm / 300mm / 600mm
CPB1212121200mm x 1200mm x 1200mmClass D300mm / 450mm