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Drainage Channel Systems - Ductile Iron

Aquadrain Ductile Iron Drainage Channel Systems offer a product that is designed with hydraulic efficiency, flexibility and strength as key attributes, whilst being simple and quick to install.

GDP ductile iron grates feature an anti-slip and bicycle proof design, making it a well rounded product.

The Aquadrain polymer channel is manufactured from a blend of fine aggregates and a high quality formulated resin which is used as a binder.  The specially formulated resin adds improved chemical resistant properties, whilst providing a significant amount of compressive strength and higher flow rates due to the water penetration properties of the material.

Once the channel and grate system has been encased in concrete, it is capable of reaching loads as high as Class G (900Kn).

  • Service Stations/Truck Stops
  • Transportation/Earthmoving equipment yards
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Airports, RAAF Bases, Army Bases, Navy Docks
  • Shopping centre car parks/ Loading bays
  • Freeways/Highways and roads in general
  • Heritage building sites
  • Schools/Universities
  • Public walkways
  • Mining project sitesAA

Product Offering

Part NumberClass Description
PCCD10057*D1000 x 100 x 57mm Clear Opening
PCCD100110*D1000 x 100 x 110mm Clear Opening


Transverse and Longitudinal Ductile Grate and ChannelPart NumberClass Description
PCCD150180**E/F1000 x 150 x 180mm Clear Opening
PCCD150180**E/F1000 x 150 x 180mm Clear Opening
PCCD200240**E/F1000 x 200 x 240mm Clear Opening
PCCD300310**E/F1000 x 305 x 310mm Clear Opening

*Available in Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish                   **Available in Class G loading

Galvanized Transverse Ductile Iron Trench Grate