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Drainage Channel Systems - Galvanized

Aquadrain is GDP’s range of Modular Grated Drainage Channel Systems featuring a Galvanized grate which is available in Transverse, Longitudinal and Perforated options, depending on the application.

The standard transverse grate comes Hot Dipped Galvanized (HDG) and enables a high liquid inflow and are certified to AS3996 for Class D traffic loading after the channel is concrete encased, whilst meeting the requirements for bicycle traffic.

The Aquadrain channels provided feature a galvanized edge rail, as well as a male to female interlocking connection, which secures components both during and after the installation process.  A knockout point is available in the female end of the channel, to assist in fitting a pipe. 

Longitudinal Galvanized Trench Grates are independently tested and certified in a NATA lab to ensure conformance to AS4586 (Slip Check) which ensures suitably when an anti-slip pedestrian safe product is required.  This is a cost-effective alternative option to where Stainless Steel grating has been traditionally used in an anti-slip environment for its anti-slip feature and not material characteristics.  This option is a standard stocked product, in comparison to anti-slip stainless steel grating which is made to order.

A lockdown system is provided to ensure the grate is secured at all times.  These are commonly used in applications to minimise movement/noise of the grate in the channel and reduce the risk of theft.

Drainage channels are available in 130mm, 160mm, 200mm and 270mm openings with interchangeable grates.

  • Driveways/access roads into houses or units
  • Commercial building complexes
  • Shopping centre/mall areas
  • Landscaped areas/common walkways
  • Car parks

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Product Offering

Galvanized TransversePart NumberDescription
PCC130TG1000 x 130 x 100mm Clear Opening
PCC160TG1000 x 160 x 155mm Clear Opening
PCC200TG1000 x 200 x 200mm Clear Opening
PCC270TG1000 x 270 x 240mm Clear Opening
Lock Down Brackets
Part NumberDescription
PCCLDB130*Lock Down Bracket – 130mm Channel
PCCLDB160*Lock Down Bracket – 160mm Channel
PCCLDB200*Lock Down Bracket – 200mm Channel
PCCLDB270*Lock Down Bracket – 270mm Channel

*Sold individually