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Galvanized Grates

GDP’s range of Galvanized Grates provide an end solution which is interchangeable with complimentary products to meet the desired project outcomes.  GDP supplies the following styles with custom solutions available:

  • Trench Grates
    • Trench Grates
    • Trench Frames
    • Heelguard Grates
  • Sump Grates
    • Drop-in Grates
    • Drop-in Hinged Grate and Frame
    • Cast-in Hinged Grate and Frame
    • Heelguard available as an option
  • Civil Grates
    • Gully (landcom) grates
    • RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) grates
    • Surcharge Grates
    • Vee Grates
    • Vee (Roads and Maritime Services) grates
  • Locking Systems & Accessories
    • Security bolts
    • J-bolts
    • Universal Locking devices
    • Lifting devices
 GDP supplies a range of grates which are rated to the appropriate Australian Standards, ensuring the Class loading meetings the application that the product is designed for.