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Galvanized Trench Grates

GDP has a wide range of Galvanized Trench Grates suitable for a variety of projects and are rated to Australian Standard 3996 with Class D loading.  Trench grates are available in 1 metre lengths with the optional frame available in 2m lengths and are all Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG).   Trench grates are commonly used to remove surface water from pathways, driveways and grassed areas.
Options Available
  • NATA Certified Anti-Slip Longitudinal Trench Grates
  • Perforated Galvanized Trench Grating
  • Wedge Wire Heelguard Galvanized Trench Grating
  • Transverse Bar Galvanized Trench Grating
All of the above options are available with frames and the option of having an anti-slip coating applied to provide additional slip resistance.
In addition to the above offering, GDP also has a Trench Grate & Frame option that is pre-assembled with lockdown bolts to provide a level of security in both transverse and longitudinal orientations.

Product Offering

Transverse Grate without a Frame

Trench Grate Frame

Part NumberDescriptionOptional FrameDescription*
TG1015201000 x 150 x 20mmTF2015202000 x 155 x 20mm
TG1015251000 x 150 x 25mmTF2015252000 x 155 x 25mm
TG1018251000 x 180 x 25mmTF2018252000 x 185 x 25mm
TG1018321000 x 180 x 32mmTF2018352000 x 185 x 35mm
TG1023251000 x 230 x 25mmTF2023252000 x 235 x 25mm
TG1023321000 x 230 x 32mmTF2023352000 x 235 x 35mm
TG1023401000 x 230 x 40mmTF2023402000 x 235 x 40mm
TG1030251000 x 300 x 25mmTF2030252000 x 305 x 25mm
TG1030321000 x 300 x 32mmTF2030352000 x 305 x 35mm
TG1031501000 x 310 x 50mmTF2031502000 x 315 x 50mm
TG1038401000 x 380 x 40mmTF2038402000 x 380 x 40mm
TG1040651000 x 400 x 65mmTF2040652000 x 405 x 65mm

*Frame Sizes are internal dimensions.