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Locking Systems and Accessories

GDP has a wide range of locking systems and accessories to accompany our range of galvanized grates

Product Offerings

J-bolt locking systems enables the grate to be held down through a spring tension system, but it can be disengaged manually without any tools being required.

Universal Locking devices are used specifically for trench grates only and require an allen key to lock and unlock the device.

Security locks are a tamper-resistant locking bolt which can not only provide a level of security, but be used in back pressure applications.  Note, that special tools are required to remove the bolt once it has been installed.  These are commonly used in correctional and mental health service facilities, as well as situations where theft is a problem (e.g. Council signage).

Lifting handles are available which are universal and can be used with our range of both standard sump grates, as well as those with a perforated (heelguard) finish.

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Locking System Product Offering

J-Bolt Locking DevicePart NumberDescription
JB100Galvanized J-Bolt
JBBGalvanized J-Bolt Bracket